About Me

After graduating with First Class Honours in Fashion Print from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in 2006, my career has primarily focused on print and embroidery design. In 2010, I ventured into jewellery, starting with wax carving classes at BJOP in Paris. This marked the beginning of my journey in jewellery.

In 2017, I expanded my jewellery expertise at Ar.Co in Lisbon while still working as a textile designer. Despite initial disruptions in 2021 due to the pandemic, I pursued a spring semester at Alchimia in Florence through an exchange program with Ar.Co. This experience led me to enroll in a two-year Master’s program at Alchimia, concluding with my solo Master exhibition in Florence in October 2023.

Under the guidance of established contemporary jewellery artists like Evert Nijland, Lucia Massei, and silversmith David Clarke, I dedicated two years to research and study for my Master’s degree collection. My goal was to establish a solid foundation for my art jewellery practice.